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about us

Textile artist Diane Duany is the founder and owner of Albert and Ackee; a studio located in New York City that specializes in original painted by hand surface designs on paper using gouache and watercolor. 


These designs are colorful and unique and started from her memories of her Anglo-Caribbean heritage, childhood trips to the west indies, and her 2012 blog "Paradise Past Jamaica." The blog focused on the jet set lifestyles of celebrities, and royalty between 1948 to 1968 that descended upon the island of Jamaica for sun, food and play.  Albert and Ackee take inspiration by her love of African and Polynesian Bogolanfini tribal patterns, tropical flowers and Caribbean colors. All of these elements play a role in the creation of these textiles, that convey the essence of paradise. 

Diane is an alumni of the Fashion Institute of Technology and worked as a professional textile designer for a while before switching career paths. She has painted her whole life and after a hiatus, returned to her passion for producing creative patterns.  Albert and Ackee designs are for home decor, apparel, fabric, stationery and more. Original designs can be viewed by appointment and are available for licensing.

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